Karini AI Powers Evolution in Generative AI

Experience the unstoppable evolution of generative AI with Karini AI! Fueled by innovation, we're making the dream of robust Generative AI systems a reality. No longer confined to specialists, Karini AI empowers non-experts to participate actively in creating and evaluating generative AI applications. As the world's first platform democratizing Generative AI, we enable business people to bring their ideas to life, following rules with governance, security, and business-level controls – all in one revolutionary platform.

Our Leadership

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Deepali Rajale

Founder and CEO

Deepali Rajale, our CEO and founder, is an accomplished AI enthusiast and global machine learning specialist who has made a significant impact during her remarkable tenure at Amazon Web Services. With expertise in Amazon SageMaker, she seamlessly integrates AI for Fortune-100 companies, advancing Generative AI, MLOps, and TCO. Deepali's illustrious career includes spearheading product engineering at renowned firms like Paypal and Blue Yonder. Beyond corporate success, she is a celebrated author crafting a definitive book on MLOps on AWS. Explore Deepali's extraordinary journey on her LinkedIn profile.

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Jerome Mendell

Head of Sales and Marketing

Jerome Mendell, our Chief Revenue Officer, is a seasoned software executive with over 25 years of experience and is a dynamic growth leader for high-tech B2B landscapes. Known for exceeding expectations and building consensus, he has a keen passion for artificial intelligence. Jerome has collaborated with leading technology providers serving Fortune 500 companies across various sectors, including BFS, CPG, MFG, and NGOs. He's launched, consulted, and advised many XaaS companies from ideation to revenue. His expertise is in aligning global channels and driving progress and innovation. Explore Jerome's remarkable career journey on his LinkedIn profile.

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Nitin Wagh

Chief Product Officer

Our Chief Product Officer is a well-respected GenAI and ML Leader with over two decades in enterprise technology. Nitin brings a wealth of experience in taking Machine Learning and Generative AI products to markets and creating new markets. He recently led the global adoption of Generative AI and Machine Learning products at Databricks’ flagship Data and AI unified platform. He oversaw successful launches of many Gen AI products, such as Model Serving and Databricks Vector Search. His strategic vision and ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities were vital to these successes. Prior to that, Nitin led Technology Go-To-Market for Amazon SageMaker at Amazon Web Services(AWS) and was responsible for the launch of over 15 services.

Our Projects

Built with Karini AI

Unleash the Power of Generative AI: Build with Karini

Empower Your Business with Streamlined GenAI Application Development

Karini AI isn't just another AI development tool. It's a revolutionary platform designed to empower organizations to leverage the transformative potential of Generative AI (GenAI) applications. Forget complex coding and fragmented workflows. Karini provides a user-friendly, unified environment that simplifies the entire GenAI development process.

Unparalleled Collaboration for Superior Results

Karini AI bridges the gap between your subject matter experts (SMEs) and your technical teams. SMEs can effortlessly contribute their valuable domain knowledge while data scientists and developers seamlessly translate that expertise into effective AI prompts. Our intuitive "prompt playground" fosters collaboration, ensuring the AI grasps the nuances of your specific needs and goals.

Streamlined Development for Faster Time-to-value

Karini AI streamlines the entire application development lifecycle. Its intuitive interface facilitates the management and orchestration of all application components, simplifying functionality creation. Karini's robust testing and comparison capabilities also ensure you select the optimal AI model for peak performance, accuracy, and reliability to meet your business objectives.

Future-Proof Your Innovation with Confidence

Built with scalability and maintainability, Karini AI's persistent application journey record provides a comprehensive history of your AI development process. This minimizes technical debt and empowers your team to manage and confidently update your application well into the future.

Build with Karini AI and unlock the full potential of Generative AI. Contact us today to learn how Karini can accelerate your innovation journey.

GenAI Possible is: Built with Karini AI


Built by the Lawyers for the Legal Community to transform the legal profession

AI-enabled Knowledge Base:

Our AI-enabled knowledge base helps you get the right legal advice at the right time. Our AI engine is trained by top legal experts to provide you with the best possible advice

Multiple Skills Chatbot (Research, Summarization, Opinions):

Our multifaceted chatbot can perform extensive research, provide concise summarizations, and offer expert opinions, streamlining your legal processes and decision-making.

Smart Search:

Leveraging advanced algorithms, our Smart Search feature quickly finds the most relevant legal documents, cases, and precedents, ensuring you have all the necessary information.

Document Management:

Our document management system simplifies your legal document handling. It offers easy storage, retrieval, and organization of documents, making your legal practice more efficient.

Citations for References:

Our platform automatically generates accurate citations for all your legal references, ensuring your documents comply with legal standards and saving you time on manual citation work.

Every lawyer's dream AI companion is to make you the most efficient.

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