Powering Evolution in

Generative AI

Build and manage production-grade generative AI applications with an easy-to-use visual interface for any use case.

  • Centralized Visibility and Usage Trends

  • Explore Copilot Hub

  • Connect to SAAS Models or Open Source Models

  • Prompt Playground to compare LLM performance

  • No Code Generative AI Recipes to Build Applications

  • Evaluate RAG using Ground Truth Labels

  • Customize Copilot & Deploy

    export copilot
  • Integrate Copilot with your Application


Why Karini

Faster Time to Market

Accelerate the launch of generative AI applications, managing them effectively in a matter of minutes.

Robust Security Compliance

Adheres to strict enterprise security standards, ensuring a secure digital environment

Enhanced Data Privacy

Guarantees the utmost privacy, preventing any data breaches and safeguarding sensitive information

Trustworthiness and Brand Safety

Builds confidence among users and safeguards your brand's reputation from potential risks.

Monitor Usage and Performance

Offers centralized dashboards to efficiently oversee usage, performance and monitor cost of generative AI initiatives.

Future-Proofing Against Rapid Tech Changes

Reduces the burden of technical obsolescence, ensuring adaptability in a fast-evolving tech landscape.

Our Expertise


Generative AI Platform

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Rapid prototyping

Offers intuitive, no-code solutions with a comprehensive range of connectors and advanced language models. This enables rapid development and deployment of generative AI applications

Enhanced Quality

Features a prompt playground for model comparison, prompt inspection for greater transparency, and language model evaluation tools. Includes a unique method of comparing machine-generated responses with human annotations and user feedback for continuous improvement

Versatile Applications

Supports various applications, including conversational interfaces, content summarization, data classification, and code interpretation, catering to diverse business needs.

Trust and Safety

Implements advanced filters to minimize irrelevant content, prevent the dissemination of harmful material, and incorporates citation features to enhance the reliability of information.

Our Services

Generative AI

We specialize in Business Use case mapping to technical solutions, Gen AI Training, Large Language Model Finetuning, LLM Pre-training, and building LLMOps strategy to seamlessly integrate Gen AI technologies in your applications to make them smarter.

Machine Learning

We specialize in planning your MLOps strategy to achieve efficiencies in deploying new Data science use cases in Classical ML, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing. We can help you with ML Platform modernization by assisting in planning and executing Model and ML pipeline migration strategy.

Karini AI: Building Better AI, Faster.
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