Industrialize Generative AI

Karini is pioneering the future of Generative AI, blending advanced language models with proprietary data to craft a digital co-pilot tailored for every user. Our platform streamlines the journey, offering user-friendly Gen AI templates for swift application development. Embrace the power of versatility with a suite of data processing tools, robust LLMOps practices for deploying Models, Data, and Copilots, and flexible customization options. Embedded with continuous feedback mechanisms, Karini ensures your Generative AI applications evolve and improve, driving innovation and excellence in the enterprise world.

Platform Capabilities

Generative AI Recipes

Explore the future of business applications with our innovative prebuilt Generative AI Recipes to take your ideas to production in a few clicks.

Conversational AI

Ready to take your insights to the next level. You can upgrade your applications with conversational AI at ZERO engineering effort and make your applications smarter.

Q&A Chatbots

Expose a Gen AI-powered knowledge engine for your internal confluence pages, HR documents, Administration guides or other docs.


Transform your lengthy content into summarized narratives, a PowerPoint bulleted list or a strategy document to streamline your decision-making with precision.


Use powerful clustering capabilities of Gen AI to attach business ontologies to your documents for cataloging and governance.

Image Generation Studio

Use your domain specific business data to create cutting edge marketing content, product catalogs or brand content.

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How It Works

Build and Deploy Gen AI application in minutes

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