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Karini AI releases the first purpose-built platform for GenAIOps

Posted on: February 6, 2024

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Karini.ai is excited to announce the general availability of the first-of-its-kind purpose-built Generative AI platform designed to power evolution in enterprise AI adoption. The platform, Built by Ex Amazon Web Services (Ex-AWS) AI experts, delivers a new approach to GenAIOps for the complete supervision of DataOps, LLMOps, and DevOps for building, testing, and deploying generative AI applications at speed in the enterprise.

Operationalizing a GenAI app took an average of 30 days, and now it only takes 30 minutes with Karini.ai. That's 1,440 times faster! Users can optimize for performance, scalability, and reliability from a single screen for the first xtime at speeds never before achievable.

A recent survey by MIT Tech Review underscored that over 90% of enterprises have actively invested in Generative AI projects, so the heavy lifting is underway - and the time to value (TTV) clock is running. According to another study by Everest Group, more than 55% of projects are stuck in pilot stages and may never see production due to a lack of necessary security, governance, or safety controls.

Welcome to Karini.ai, the only platform that instantly allows businesses to build, test, and deploy, accelerating TTV exponentially. Karini.ai's platform is a must-have to operationalize and manage GenAI apps at speed, removing the inherent hurdles (governance, quality, and security) and enabling enterprises to adopt Generative AI and realize the promised gains in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Karini.ai's pioneering platform bridges the gap between the vast potential of generative AI and its practical application in the enterprise by providing access to state-of-the-art models, a prompt playground, and simple-to-use drag-and-drop workflows. Combining that with built-in connectors, advanced data preparation techniques, and fine-grained access controls ultimately unlocks enterprise data, delivering meaningful and valuable insights. Coupling our observability tool “Prompt Lens” improves the quality of responses, offering model fine-tuning, RAG auto-evaluations, and human-in-the-loop feedback. At the same time, the proprietary guardrail models prevent jailbreaking and limit hallucination.

Karini.ai is not just a platform; it's a quantum leap into the future of Enterprise AI with Guardrails, Governance, and Guidance, said Deepali Rajale, the Founder of Karini.ai who used to be part of the team at AWS working on AI. 'We’re dedicated to speeding up our customers adoption of generative AI, and evolving their businesses. Our platform is built with the best GenAIOps, ensuring the safest and quickest deployment of high-quality GenAI Apps to production,' says Rajale.

Jerome Mendell, Karini.ai’s CRO, shared, We’ve formed strategic partnerships with AWS and Microsoft so clients can use all available models from Amazon Bedrock, Azure OpenAI, SageMaker, and AzureML. Our new partnership with Databricks provides clients with broader access to multi-cloud environments with performant data. We're constantly expanding our collaborations and are continuously evolving to broaden our offerings, so clients can experiment and never feel constrained.

About Karini AI:

Fueled by innovation, we're making the dream of robust Generative AI systems a reality. No longer confined to specialists, Karini.ai empowers non-experts to participate actively in building/testing/deploying Generative AI applications. As the world's first GenAIOps platform, we have democratized GenAI, empowering people to bring their ideas to life all in one evolutionary platform.

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