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Challenges to Operationalize Generative AI

Identification of Use cases

How to get started is a big challenge for enterprises as Generative AI offers numerous capabilities, but understanding Return on Investment and exploring needle-moving use cases is a big challenge.

Use case Prioritization

Prioritizing uses cases that improve life of your employees and customers is important and appears easy for POC but may not be feasible in the production.

POC to production

How to transition a Proof of concept to a production-grade application that adheres to enterprise standard of security, scalability and cost controls.

Navigating the maze of SaaS services

There are many SaaS APIs and Open-source options available for building blocks of Generative AI, and it is essential to use the right tool for your use case.

IP protection and Security

Recent data leak of a large enterprise, highlights the importance of balancing enthusiasm of Generative AI with your IP protection and ensuring Security standards are adhered to.

Legal Implications

Generative AI applications use crowd-sourced internet-scale text and image datasets. How to ensure that using APIs or certain models does not get you into legal situations. The design needs to ensure that whatever APIs and models are used should meet the local regulations.

Responsible AI

Generative AI has a problem of hallucination and bias that can harm brand trust or lose business.


Many Enterprises start their Generative AI journey without having adequate domain and technical skills, impacting the on-time delivery and budgets of Generative AI Projects.

Our Services

Generative AI Foundations

Training and Enablement

Introduction to Generative AI

Introduction to Amazon Bedrock

Prompt Engineering Basics

Introduction to Vector databases


Building a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) application

Document Management Understanding with Generative AI

Foundational Model finetuning

Generative AI Evaluation


Business and technology discovery

Business process evaluation

Business value assessment

Use case brainstorming

Competitive assessment

Customer Stories

Largest Insurance in EMEA


Processes over 10M+ claims per year and have 1000s of customer support staff which adds to bottom line of the customer.


Built a customized OCR system powered by Amazon Textract and integrated the pipeline using Karini's Generative AI recipes to build a conversational AI to help customer support to better equip to handle customers.


Reduced time per call by 2 mins on average, saving projected millions of Euros per year.

Promising Fintech Loan Processor


Fintech company has massive customer support staff who have to pour through large amounts of data to understand customer-360 to be able to offer defaulters better strategy to keep up with payments.


Karini built a document understanding solution using Generative AI using LLAMAv2 coupled with classical ML to provide customer service agents with better-tailored strategy for a customer, on-the-spot risk assessed offers and promotions.


Customer NPS score jumped by 6% after deployment and also Generative AI generated offers acceptance improved by 15%.

Hot Ad-Tech exchange


Ad exchange runs occasional deal campaigns and Ad publishers have to spend enormous amount of time pouring through data to understand CTRs, next best actions, high propensity targets.


Karini built a custom Agentic Generative AI pipeline using Azure OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to build Text to SQL solution to provide self-service conversational AI.


The conversational AI reduced the need for valuable analysts time from 6 weeks to 1 day to compile an exhaustive report and also gather new insights.

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